Ezlo Smart Water Shut-Off Valve Hub QSG

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Total asset protection from water damage. Easy to install. Easier to operate:

The only valve with a built-in control hub

  • Compatible with a majority of platforms across the industry
  • Quick, easy control from anywhere with just a tap on your smartphone app
  • Can be paired with other compatible smart home hubs.
  • Powered by MiOS, the world’s most connected smart home platform
  • Intelligent alerts and automations via MeshBots
  • Pairs with leak sensors inside the home and sends smartphone notifications when leaks are detected
  • Enables Ezlo platform features, such as voice control through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Weatherproof and ready for outdoor use, IP67 rated
  • Designed for over 20,000 on/o cycles (over 50 years) with automatic, weekly self-testing
  • Features local controls and manual override in the event of power outage
  • Fits any home size from MDUs to single family residences
  • Compatible with ¾”, 1”, and 1¼“ pipe sizes for easy installation in new construction
  • Ball valves sold separately
  • Connects to 24V DC

What's in the Box


What you’ll need

  • ¾”, 1” or 1¼” Ezlo Ball Valve (sold separately)
  • Home Wi-Fi Network
  • iOS or Android Smart Phone or Tablet

NOTE: The ball valve is plumbed directly into your home’s water main and may require professional installation. If you require assistance, please contact your local plumber before proceeding.


Smart Water Shut-Off Valve Basics



1. Installing your App

  1. Visit ezlo.com on your iOS or Android phone or tablet and navigate to Products > Apps to download the MiOS Mobile app.
  2. Create your account

Now it’s time to create your MiOS Mobile account.
The app will walk you through it. Follow the wizard to create your account.

2. Adding your Water Valve to the app

  1. From the My Controllers list, tap Add New Controller by pressing the "+" in the bottom right corner of your screen then press Connect and select Ezlo Hardware
  2. Pick Ezlo Water Valve from the list
  3. Next, connect the A/C power adapter to the bottom port on the rear of your Smart Water Shut-Off Valve. Once it is powered on, the LED should blink orange
  4. Follow the prompts to connect the Smart Water Shut-Off Valve to your home Wi-Fi network
  5. Your Smart Water Shut-Off Valve is now connected and its LED will be a steady green when it’s open, or steady red if the valve is closed.

NOTE: If your Smart Water Shut-Off Valve fails to connect to your Wi-Fi, the valve may be too far from your router. In this instance, you may need to use a range extender to enhance your Wi-Fi signal to the valve.


3. Connecting the Actuator to the Ball Valve

Once the ball valve has been plumbed into your home’s water system, disconnect the Smart Water Shut-Off Valve from its AC power cable and snap it into the ball valve. Then reconnect it to a nearby power source.

If your Smart Water Shut-Off Valve is outside or plumbed away from a power source, you may need to use an extension cord.


4. Setup

Using the app, find the Water Valve in the Dashboard section, then you can toggle the Valve closed or open.

For even more capabilities, try pairing your Smart Water Shut-Off Valve with a Z-Wave Water Leak Sensor, create an automation that will close the valve if water is detected, and then drip some water onto the sensor to see the water valve closing automatically.


NOTE: If your Smart Water Shut-Off Valve is more than 30 feet from where your leak sensors will be placed, you may need to bring them within 10 feet of each other for pairing, and then add a Z-Wave range extender in order for them to communicate from a distance.


5. Adding Z-Wave devices to the Smart Water Shut-Off Valve

The Smart Water Shut-Off Valve's hub capabilities let you control multiple devices from a single app. When you add Z-Wave devices such as leak sensors, lights, thermostats, and more to your system, you'll be able to enjoy greater comfort and peace of mind with just a touch.

To add new devices, just tap the + sign from the Devices screen to launch the Device Pairing Wizard.


Control your home from anywhere

The MiOS Mobile app offers some key features that help you simplify things at home and help you keep an eye on things when you’re away.

The true power of home automation is when your home can do things for you. With Meshbots, you can schedule your lights to turn on when you leave for work in the morning, or to fade up as day turns to night.


Your Ezlo system can send push notifications or emails to let you—or other users—know about what’s going on at home. Want to know when the front door opens? Or if motion is detected outside? You can set alerts for just about anything.


6. Reset button and LED ring behavior

6.png Network reset Two short pressings 3 blinks per second, stops when reset
process finishes then 1 per second
6.png Soft reset One long between 5 - 9.5 seconds 10 blinks per second, stops when reset process finishes. Starts blinking after 5th second of button pressed
6.png Factory reset One long, more than 10 seconds LED on, turn on when reset process finishes. Turn on after 10th second of button pressed


Download the QSG in PDF file here


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