How to reset Ezlo Plus & LED Behavior

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Reset Button

Reset button action Result action LED Indication
1 short (0.05 - 0,5 seconds) press within 1 .5 second Send the broadcast message to cloud server None
2 short (0.05 - 0,5 seconds) presses within 1.5 second Reset client connection Wi-Fi settings Two Blinks
3 short (0.05 - 0,5 seconds) presses within 1.5 second Perform hub Power off action Fast yellow blinking
One long (2 - 5 seconds) press Reboot controller  
One long (5 - 10 seconds) press Soft reset  
One long (10 - 20 seconds) press Factory reset  
Holding more than 20 seconds Cancel factory reset start  


Reset logic

Actions to be performed on both reset type are summarized in the table below

Hub element

Soft reset

Reset to factory defaults

Included devices

Remove from hub, left in included state

Remove from hub, left in included state

ZWave network ID

Change to random value

Change to random value

WiFi settings

Doesn’t change

Restore to defaults

Backups stored at controller Doesn’t change Remove
Plugins data Remove Remove
Other user data Remove Remove

User addons and plugins

Don't change


Default addons and plugins

Don't change

Restore to defaults


LED behavior

  Led Status Solution
The hub is powering on mceclip0.png Wait for it to boot
The hub has encountered an error while powering on mceclip2.png Soft reset the hub

The hub is upgrading the firmware


Wait for the hub to finish and LED Status to turn steady blue

The hub is in pairing mode

mceclip4.png mceclip5.png

See specific device pairing instructions

The hub has detected the paired device

mceclip4.png mceclip6.png

Check your app or dashboard to see and control your device

The hub cannot connect to Internet


Check wireless or wired connectivity


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