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The MiOS app for iOS comes with a redesigned scene creation flow named Meshbot, for a better user experience.

A Meshbot is an application within the MiOS operating system, which is part of the Ezlo platform, that allows you to automate tasks in your smart home or work environment using 'If-Then' rules. These rules define what happens when a specific trigger event occurs. Meshbots can control smart devices, send notifications, integrate with cloud services, and more, offering a high level of customization and automation for your property.

The iOS MiOS app is compatible with all the Ezlo Hubs.

This guide will teach you:

Meshbots overview

You have to tap on the MeshBots menu entry and then on "+" to create a new MeshBot.


  1. You have the “MeshBots” button in the bottom part of the screen. 
  2. You can add a new MeshBot by tapping on the upper right corner "+" button.
  3. The back arrow "<" located in the upper-left corner will allow you to exit the MeshBot creation flow. When "<" is tapped you will see a prompt to confirm you want to exit the MeshBot creation flow and nothing will be saved.
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Name your Meshbot

You'll be able to write here the MeshBot name. It must be between 1 and 30 characters and naming a MeshBot is mandatory.

Assign the Meshbot to an existing room

This section has 2 states:

  • No room selected → No room
  • A room is selected → Room name (Bedroom, Living room, etc)

When you tap on the room name you will see a screen that allows you to select a room. Selecting a room is not mandatory.


Activation event - when do you want your MeshBot to be activated?

Selecting an event is not mandatory, if you want a manually triggered MeshBot.

When you tap on "Add event" under “Activation event” you will see a new screen to select your MeshBot trigger, it could be based on a “Device”, “Date and Time”, or “Add a group of events”.


You have these options:

Device or Date and Time:

These are basic and more common options.



This option is available only if there are devices on the controller. If not, it will be hidden. You will see only the devices that can possess activation events. If you select a device you will be sent to the next screen, where the list of possible events is presented. You can select one event at a time. The first event will be selected by default.

30.png 5.png

Date and Time:

You can select an interval or a schedule that will trigger the activation of your scene:

  • Interval: You will see a time picker that allows you to select intervals for:
    • Seconds 1 - 59
    • Minutes 1- 59
    • Hours 1-23
    • Days 1-31
  • Daily: It will show the selected moment of the day. Default: "At a time of day". If you tap on it, a new screen will be shown. That screen will let you choose the moment of the day.

Possible elements:

      • At a time of day
      • Before sunrise
      • At sunrise
      • After sunrise
      • Before sunset
      • At sunset
      • After sunset
20.png 8.png
  • Weekly: You will be able to select the days of the week on which the scene will run. You need to select at least one day. Default: "At a time of day".
  • Monthly: You will be able to select the days of the month in which the scene will run. You need to select at least one day. Default: "At a time of day".
  • Once:  A date picker is opened. The default value will be the current date.

A group of activation events:

If you select this option, you will see the flow that allows you to add a group of events:

15.png 16.png
  • You can name your group and add activation events.
  • You can select the operation between events: “All events should met” or “If any event is met”
  • Each group/ event will display a delete button.

Action - what do you want to happen?

Here you can select what actions will run. A MeshBot should contain at least one action. Selecting an action is mandatory.

When you tap on "Add action" you will see the flow of adding actions. First, you are asked to select which type of action will run: “Device action”, “House mode change”, “LUA Script”, “HTTP request”, or “Notification”.


Add your devices in Actions by selecting Device Action.  The list will display all the devices that support actions. The actions are displayed one by one and you can select only one. The content is different based on the device:

10.png 11.png

Or you can select the House mode change option from where you can select:

  • Home
  • Away
  • Night
  • Vacation

In which mode will this meshbot run?

By default, you will see all options enabled. You can select only the house modes in which you want your MeshBot to run, but it's mandatory to have at least 1 house mode selected.


Who should be notified?

Here you will see the list of the users from your account. You can select your user(s) to be notified when this scene runs, but it is not mandatory to have users selected.

19.png 17.png
4.png 7.png


Meshbot labels are a feature designed to help you organize and manage your Meshbots. this feature allows you to categorize your Meshbots into different labels and folders, making it easier to find and manage them, especially when you have a large number of Meshbots.

Select "Add Label." You can then assign an existing label or create a new one.

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