How to Pair a device

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Open the mobile app, and tap on the three-line icon in the top right corner to open the
left-hand-side menu, then select Devices


On the device screen, tap on Add Device


Look for the device you want to pair, and once you find it select it from the list. If your device is in the
list, you will get a dedicated Device Pairing wizard, which will walk you through the procedure
step by step.


The controller it’s set into inclusion mode and the message: Add new devices now… will
appear at the top. The controller sets a 60-second countdown timer, during which it will keep
scanning for devices.


Follow the inclusion steps to pair the device. Once your device is detected, you'll get a
confirmation pop-up message on the screen, and then you can go on to assign a name and a
room for the device. You can tap on I'm Done Adding Devices to then wrap up the process,
after which point you will see your device in the Devices screen.


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