What is MiOS?

MiOS stands for My Integration Operating System and is designed to help users connect any service, app, or device to any other service, app, or device.
For example, you may want a temperature sensor in your smart home to send its current reading to a Google spreadsheet to create a historical record of how hot or cold it gets in each room over time. Or to modify the thermostat setting once the room temperature reaches a certain level. Or to dynamically update a dashboard chart with the engagement statistics from your latest outreach campaign. Or to send out a team notification if you sign up a new customer through a web form. Or all of these simultaneously!
This kind of ‘everything-to-anything’ communication either isn’t possible today or isn’t possible without in-depth coding knowledge. That’s where MiOS comes in. MiOS automates the exchange of data between all the devices you own, all the information you access, and all the services and apps you want to use. We take the code from any app, web service, or local service and make it talk to any device around, be that ZWave, Zigbee, 2GIGS, Wifi, Bluetooth, PC, Mac, or custom device.
MiOS breaks down the silos between code, services, and hardware, and can run in the cloud or on edge devices. All with just a few mouse clicks – no coding required.


Run MiOS at the Edge:

You can run MiOS on a dedicated edge computer, like your smart-home controller, or download it to run on Windows, Linux, or Pi computers.


Run MiOS in the Cloud:

Simply log on to your mios.com account and easily create meshbots that automatically run in the cloud. Your meshbot will connect and interact with any service, app, or local device that you want it to.


Virtual Device/Service Capability

Just like you can connect to an existing app or device, you can also mix and match the capabilities of multiple services and devices to create a brand-new virtual device/service. This allows you to connect, automate and visualize your new virtual item just like you would with any other device or service.

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