What is automation?

The dizzying number of apps, services, and devices available out there is growing every day. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a way to corral all these disparate items and make them work for you? To make them do something useful?
Automation is your key to this world – letting you trigger multiple actions in various apps, services, and devices in response to any event you can think of. Here are just a few examples of what you could do with automation:


Build better workflows:

  • Send a team notification to the messaging/collaboration platform of your choice whenever someone completes a web form.
  • Add new customers to a newsletter mailing list whenever someone creates an account with your company.
  • Update your CRM when a tracked customer makes a purchase online. Check what they purchased, and add this same information to a new row on a Google spreadsheet.
  • Copy Gmail attachments from specific senders to a folder on Google Drive. Send Gmail notifications to certain recipients whenever you make a change to a Google sheet.


Make a smart home even smarter:

  • Turn on every TV in your home to your favorite channel after you open the garage door when returning from work. Or automatically lock your front and back doors when a movie begins.
  • Make a temperature sensor modify the thermostat setting once the room reaches a certain warmth. And make the sensor periodically send its current reading to a Google spreadsheet to create a historical record of how hot or cold each room gets over time.
  • Group several device actions into a scene that corresponds with a common household situation. For example, ‘The house is empty’ could lock all doors, switch off all lights except the front room, notify you if a window is open, turn the heating off, enable motion detection/cameras, and so forth.
  • Make music play in your bathroom as soon as you turn on the shower lights. Or switch the radio on between specific hours on weekday mornings when you are getting ready for work.
  • Pull today’s weather forecast or your favorite stocks from a public API server and put this information in a tile on your EZlogic dashboard.
  • Have an image from your security camera appear on your TV whenever someone rings the doorbell, pausing the show or movie for a short while.
  • Get a motion detector to send you a WhatsApp message and notify the Ezlo Protect team if you are away from home and there is movement in your yard.
The complexity of your automations is entirely up to you – from a simple one-step task to a full-blown symphony of interconnected actions. You are the conductor and MiOS is your orchestra.

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