The ‘Backup’ area contains a list of all automatic and manual backups for each of your controllers. EZLogic automatically creates a daily backup of your current configuration at 3 AM every day, covering every controller added to your account. You can also create an on-demand backup at any time by clicking the ‘Create Backup’ link.

Click ‘Settings’ > ‘Backups’ in the left-hand menu to open the interface:


Why do I need backups?

  • One-click restore — Get EZLogic up and running again in minutes should there be a problem with your controller or a loss of data.
  • Failsafe protection — Run an on-demand backup just prior to installing new firmware on your controller, or before testing major changes to your dashboard or network setup.
  • Avoid downtime and security lapses — Automation plays an increasingly vital role in the security and productivity of home and work environments. Restoring from a backup in the event of a failure lets you make sure any interruptions are kept to an absolute minimum.
  • Reliable, secure storage — Your backups are securely encrypted and stored on our highly secure, always-available cloud servers. They will always be available to your account whenever you need them.

What’s included in each backup?

Each backup contains the following items per controller:

  • Meshbots created on the controller in EZLogic
  • Physical devices added to your account for the controller *
  • Virtual devices created in the virtual container
  • Device Associations
  • Expressions and variables that you have created
  • Lua Scripts you have saved to ‘My Private Scripts’


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