Ezlo Smart Water Shut-Off Valve (Z-Wave Client Version) QSG

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Total asset protection from water damage. Easy to install. Easy to operate:

  • Quick, easy control from anywhere when paired with a Z-Wave hub
  • Weatherproof and ready for outdoor use, IP67 rated
  • Designed for over 20,000 on/off cycles (over 50 years) with automatic, weekly self-testing
  • Features local controls and manual override in the event of power outage
  • Fits any home size from MDUs to single family residences
  • Compatible with ¾”, 1”, and 1¼“ pipe sizes for easy installation in new construction
  • Ball valves sold separately
  • Compatible with third-party Z-Wave hubs (it pairs as a device)
  • Connects to 24V DC
  • Supports S2 authenticated, unauthenticated, S0 and unsecure inclusion

What's in the Box


What you’ll need

  • An Ezlo or other compatible Z-Wave Smart Home Hub
  • ¾”, 1” or 1¼” Ezlo Ball Valve (sold separately)
  • Home Wi-Fi Network
  • iOS or Android Smartphone or Tablet

NOTE: The ball valve is plumbed directly into your home water main and may require professional installation. If you require assistance, please contact your local plumber before proceeding.


Smart Water Shut-Off Valve Basics



Works well with many Z-Wave compatible hubs, works best when paired with an Ezlo Hub

The Ezlo Smart Water Shut-Off Valve works with many Z-Wave compatible smart home hubs but when paired with an Ezlo Plus or Ezlo Secure hub you get the power of MiOS, the first operating system designed specifically for property that lets you integrate all devices regardless of brand, automate devices with advanced scene-creation tools and visualize the status of all devices in your smart home on our dynamic dashboard. No matter if you're a mobile-first person or have to go advanced we have the right solution for you.



1. Including the Water Valve to your Z-Wave Hub

  1. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to set your Smart Home Z-Wave Hub into Inclusion mode to add the Water Valve.
  2. Press the 'Include/Exclude' button once on your water valve. The LED light will blink orange during the inclusion process and stop when finished.
  3. Continue with the inclusion process from your hub to complete the installation.

2. Excluding the Water Valve from your Z-Wave Hub

  1. Set your Z-Wave Hub into Exclusion mode.
  2. Press the 'Include/Exclude’ button once on your water valve. The LED light will blink orange during the inclusion process and stop when finished.
  3. Continue with the instructions from your hub to exclude the Water Valve.

3. Association Group

The Water Valve supports Association Group 1 with up to 5 nodes. The Water Valve will react when receiving a BASIC SET 0xFF/0x00 or NOTIFICATION Type 5 Event 2 or 0 from associated devices. The valve will broadcast events to the hub using the same association group.

The Water Valve supports Security 2 authenticated and unauthenticated, S0, and no security. The Water Valve can be associated with any leak sensor with the same security type.

4. Connecting the Actuator to the Ball Valve

Once the ball valve has been plumbed into your home’s water system, disconnect the Smart Water Shut-Off Valve from its AC power cable and snap it into the ball valve. Then reconnect it to a nearby power source.

If your Smart Water Shut-O Valve is outside or plumbed away from a power source, you may need to use an extension cord.



Reset to factory settings

To reset the Water Valve, press the Include/Exclude button for over 10 seconds. The LED ring will start blinking orange. The valve will send a "Device Reset Locally Notification" to the hub it was included on.

This procedure should only be used when the primary controller is inoperable.



Download the QSG in PDF file here


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